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journalist ... critic ... author ... copywriter ... media consultant ... speech writer

I have been writing for my daily bread for more than 25 years.


This website showcases a few of those words, from celebrity interviews and human interest features to  website content and production scripts.


Then there's my book, Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth - just click on the cover image for more information.


I have also provided copy for three books published by the Daily Echo and worked on projects for Duncan Bannatyne, Harry Hill, James Caan, Scott Mills and Peter Dickson, the voice of The X Factor.


A passion for words is only the beginning.

If you need a writer who wants to be read then don't hesitate to drop me a line here and let's see what we can do.


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the work

what they say...

'Nick Churchill possesses that rare combination of integrity and discretion. He manages to get the job done however delicate it maybe without losing his own credibility as a writer or interviewer. In a world currently going through 'the change' he manages to maintain his erection. Unlike myself he would find a more appropriate and acceptable analogy.' 

Gordon Haskell, singer-songwriter/agitator

'Commissioning Nick Churchill is a fuss-free process; he understands what we need and how we want it written and then delivers it on time, complete and to specification. He also has a keen eye for the kinds of things we are after, and must have close to a perfect pitching record, which is unmatched in my 25 years of commissioning. In short he is utterly reliable and a joy to work with.'

Joel Lacey, Editor, Dorset Life

'You are a genius. A wizard with a pencil for a wand.'

Carl Wilson, photographer

'As befits his long experience Nick's copy is supple, thoughtful and witty -  essential to writing engaging body copy that informs and entertains.'  

Chris Lawrenson, Coda Communications

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A comprehensive account of the many connections between The Beatles and Bournemouth.


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