Remembering Kevin Nash

kevin-jpg-galleryWorking closely with someone, you get to know something about what makes a man tick.

I had the absolute privilege of occupying the features desk next to Kev for more than ten years at the Echo. He was my friend.

He was also a great writer. His eloquence and economy with the written word were a daily lesson to anyone who cared to notice. He believed in journalism, in telling the truth. He cared about the profession in an age when more people should. And I couldn’t have been happier to find myself working with Kev again at Seeker – I’m pleased I told him so.

Not that it’s my sport, but he was a pretty good golfer as well – although I always got the impression it was at least as much about the act of playing as it was the art. He was passionate about sports. He loved music, films, books and travel, or any combination of them.

But most of all, above everything else, Kev was a family man. He was never boastful, but was rightly proud of their every achievement, from baby drawings to major exam successes. To him a family afternoon on the beach was more precious than any journalism award, of which he had his share.

Kevin Nash was a gentleman, a thoroughly decent human being and those of us who knew him should consider ourselves extremely fortunate.